"Worth County Wall Cloud"
June 3, 2014

This is a series of images taken on an impromptu storm chase close to home in Worth County, Missouri near Grant City.  It started out with storms appearing on radar near the Iowa-Missouri border that were severe warned and not progressing southward at all.  I decided to make my way from Albany up Highway 169 north towards the town of Gentry and then on to about 4 miles south of Grant City where storm structure was really beginning to show.  I ended up  just  north of the old "169 Club" at the conjunction of state highway M and YY.    Storm movement throughout the entire event was almost straight West to East so I could stay away from the bad weather but could monitor the storms closely to the north.  I traveled east on state highway M from state Highway Yy through Denver, Missouri and then finally ended up at the Emma and Leah Seat Missouri Conservation Area east of Denver about 5 miles.  The best shots were taken early on of a wall cloud that formed near Grant City.  The best shots of storm structure were captured near highways YY and M over a green field of grass.  Other shots were taken at Seat Conservation Area but none like those back near Grant City.

There was no tornado from these storms that I could tell nor was there any reported by the NWS that I know of.  I really learned a lot about image processing with this storm sequence.  I learned a few techniques to bring out the best detail in storms with this kind of lighting.  The images below are presented in pretty much chronological order.

        structure visible ahead of me on Highway 169

Storm structure just north of M and YY

Green grass contrasting with the dark clouds made for
        interesting images.

The wall cloud structure really begins to take shape.

Enhanced photo shows the structure well.

Wide shot of the storm.

A view of the storm line from Seat Conservation Area

A view of the storm line from Seat Conservation Area

Rainbow at Elam Bend

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