"Worth County Tornadic Storm"
June 4, 2005

I waited this one out at the Old Brick Church 5 miles Northwest of Albany, Missouri for a couple of hours.  Radar and weather reports indicated a strong tornado producing thunderstorm complex moving northeast through the area.  I thought that the ridge west of town would afford the best vantage point for viewing this storm.  Here are some photos from the event along with a brief caption and my thoughts.  Although no tornado was observed by me, this storm did put down and F1 tornado in Worth County only a few miles to my north.

Visibility was poor through much of the event.  This view is looking Northwest from the Old Brick Church.  The town of Gentry is about 3 miles away.  The humidity was oppressive and winds were fairly calm.  Lightning was evident in the dark area near the horizon but this storm was not as electrified as many I have seen.  (6:38 p.m. CDT)

The mesocyclone structure  becomes evident in this shot.  (6:40 CDT)

In a matter of minutes the thunderstorm base becomes more evident and begins to show more structure.  (6:42 p.m. CDT)

I am assuming that this is a funnel cloud descending from the thunderstorm base.  I thought for sure that it was going to descend clear to the ground but it never did.  This funnel is over Highway 169 which is in the middle distance of this shot about 1 mile away.  (6:43 p.m. CDT)

As the storm moved around to my north even more structure was revealed.  (6:49 P.M. CDT)

I turned the contrast up on this photo to reveal what may be the F1 tornado, or at least the debris cloud,  that was on the ground for quite some time in Worth county.  I cannot say for sure that this true.  (6:51 p.m. CDT)

A shelf cloud moves into Albany.  I  had driven back into Albany by this time and the cells that were south of the tornadic cell began to move into Albany.  This photo as well as the one below were taken at the Hundley Whaley Research Farm on Albany's west side. (7:16 p.m. CDT)

A fisheye lens view of the shelf cloud as it passes over.  (7:17 p.m. CDT)

Map showing the tornado paths from that day.  I put a target and my name where I was positioned.
Map courtesy of NWS in Pleasant Hill

YouTube Video of the storm and funnel cloud

View the NWS web page detailing this event.
Radar Loop of the storm that produced these views.  As you can see this storm complex held together clear into Lake Michigan.

Rainbow at Elam Bend

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