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"Total Solar Eclipse 2017"  - Lawson, Missouri

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After nearly 40 years of amateur astronomy, I have witnessed the most remarkable sight that I have seen or will ever see: A total eclipse of the sun.  

Initial Notes:
My history with lunar and solar eclipses: 1994 Eclipse at the elementary school, Brother Damian's Eclipse, Solar eclipse page...
Planning  It's hard to plan all-out for something that you may not get to see.
Rain Storms - The morning and afternoon was cloudy with heavy rain showers
Airplanes during the eclipse -  There were aircraft flying in formation nearby my location during the eclipse.
Fireworks - Once the eclipse was over there were fireworks going off to the northwest
Shadows - Shadows during the eclipse were very exact and well defined.  The surroundings took on a mysterious ethereal quality.
Wet ground - The ground was still wet during the eclipse.  It was difficult to setup my gear properly due to the lack of prep time.
Family - Many family memebers were with me that day.  I'm so glad that they got to experience the eclipse with me.

Traffic jams - Traffic in the northbound lane that was north of the eclipse path was bumper to bumper for many miles and moved arouund 20 mph from Cameron to Pattonsburg.

Totality - Words cannot describe totality.  The light one experiences is one of the "magical lights" that is now on my list of such lights that are special in many ways.

- Dan Bush

Missouri Skies Eclipse Footage on YouTubeWikipedia Link for this Solar Eclipse Mr. Eclipse Information

 Image of the eclipse showing the best detail that I could get with the equipment and tracking that I had.

Image of the eclipse showing what are referred to as Bailey's Beads.

Image of the eclipse showing the prominences on the limb of the sun at about the 1:00 and 3:00 o'clock positions.

Image of the eclipse showing a fisheye lens view of the eclipse and my surroundsings.  

Image of the eclipse showing an "all sky" view with north at top and south at the bottom.
This is a view of myself with my camera armada minutes before the eclipse began.
This was the traffic as I headed home from Lawson, Missouri.  This was at the 59.0 mile marker in the northbound lane of I35.
This is a final look at the traffic moving up Interstate 35 heading North.   This was taken from the Exit 68 overpass a few miles south of Old Pattonsburg.
You can see the storm cells that moved through the area in the distance.

Below is the Final Production Image Processed Six Months after the Event:

Rainbow at Elam Bend

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