Constructed by Dan Bush, John Bush, Norma Bush, and Dan Woody
Main Instrument: .5 meter (20") Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

Bush Observatory All Sky Camera

Construction Photos

The beginning of the project. The building is 10 feet by 10 feet. The walls are studded with 2X4's and the corners are 4X4's. Fairly simple.
The flooring is a rock base with old brick covering.
The walls are exterior paneling treated with water sealant. There are no interior panels. Shown here is the roof in the uncovered position. It rests on a steal rail with grooved wheels attached to the roof.
 The roof in the covered position. It is lowered and raised with a winch operated from inside. 
 I use this hand crank to raise and lower the roof.

The Old 16-Incher

Under the Summer Milky Way

Amateur Observatories

Rainbow at Elam Bend

Most Recent Images

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