"Maysville Supercell
June 7, 2009

I usually donít chase far and wide to seek out a tornado but I do reposition myself at times to increase my chances of photographing something interesting.  When I realized that I would be on the north side of this Supercell thunderstorm, I decided to leave my home in Albany, Missouri to head south toward highway 36 near Osborn.  This would get me out into clearer skies so that I could photograph the cloud structures looking towards the north.  I got there just in time to see project Vortex2 which is a huge tornado research project.  They headed north towards the storm while I positioned myself a couple miles south of them away from the hail.  I also didnít want to interfere with what they were doing and add to the chaos.  There were many radar laden chase vehicles and support vehicles moving about.  The storm ended up passing very near Maysville.  The National Weather Service has posted a web page detailing the storm HERE.    Following are some images that I took during this interesting event.

My approximate  location is indicated by the red dot.


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Rainbow at Elam Bend

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