"June 11, 2015 Severe Storms"

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Keep in mind that I am not a storm chaser that believes in getting as close as I can to a tornado.  My goal is not to see a tornado at all but to see interesting storm structure as it relates to the landscape as you see below.  In fact I rarely go outside of my little three county area.  Enough weather comes through here  to satisfy my interest in storm photography.  No need to rack up thousands of miles of driving.

I have my own little vantage points mapped out in Nodaway and Worth counties that I try to get to as the storms move in.   I used this game plan twice in about two weeks this summer and it worked out well both times .   What I do is drive Highway 136 towards the west from Albany, Missouri until I intercepted the storms.  Then I drive back towards Albany just out ahead of it stopping off along the way for a few shots.    Both times this month I made it to Conception, Missouri as the storms approached there.   

As I headed west on this evening I could not see anything in the way of storm cloud features at all and was wondering if I was going to be disappointed in what I found.  Weather radar showed a lot in Nodaway and other counties to the west, however, so it was worth a try.   Passing through Stanberry I still saw nothing but darker skies to the west.  About two miles west of Stanberry things changed very quickly.   I began to notice some storm structure through the haze along the horizon.  At first I couldn't tell what it was but as I approached the first curve back to the north just west of Stanberry I knew that something big was out there.  It was at this time that traffic, in the form of storm chasers, was starting to pick up including vans with logos painted on the side, unmarked white vans, and single cars pulling off at various locations.  I had the advantage of already knowing the spots with the best vantage points so I headed to the closest and easiest one near Conception, Missouri.  I was hoping that I wasn't getting too close for comfort.  That's when the action began.

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A panoramic image of the "severe warned" storm as it approached Conception, Missouri.


Storm  structure looking North  east of Conception, Missouri.


Storm  structure looking Northeast from just east of Conception, Missouri.


Looking North on Highway 136 Northeast of Stanberry, Missouri. 


Looking North on Highway 136 at Hall Bottom. 


Highway 136 3 Miles West of Albany, Missouri. 


A view of the storm as it approached the outskirts of Albany, Missouri.  (Frame grab from GoPro Camera)


The gust front moves through north of Highway 136 near New Hampton, Missouri. 

Rainbow at Elam Bend

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