"Great Plains Star Party"

Even though it was held near Garnett, Kansas and not specifically a "Missouri Sky"  event, I feel compelled to post here some pictures of my experience with this event that is no longer held and only exists for me in photos and fond memories.   This midwestern star party was usually held in late summer or Fall in the Osage Cuesta region of Eastern Kansas about 75 miles south of Kansas City.  It was held from 1990 to its final year of 2004.   I attended the star party 5 times beginning in 1999 with each one being a unique and memorable experience for one reason or another.  I knew the star party and associated groups and clubs under different names and monikers including:

Whatever the name or representing group there were still very fond memories from that star party.  I'm sure that there many stories from the star party that I don't know about but here are a few that stand out to me.

FOG: One year (1999) was extremely foggy one night but clear above with an atmospheric steadiness that is still talked about to this day by those that were in attendance.  The views of the planets Jupiter and Saturn were spectacular.  The planets looked as if you were orbiting closely to them.  The detail  seen in the eyepiece was overwhelming.   Feet, tents, scopes, and other equipment got really wet but it was worth it.

HEAT: Another year was extremely hot during the day with not much activity until the sun went down.  It was like a ghost town during the day.  I believe that the year of this one was 2002.

METEOR: Another year many observers were witness to a remarkable meteor that passed overhead and terminated in the south.

THE END: Sadly in 2004, although it wasn't announced, there was a feeling that it would be the last year because of the unrest that existed amongst the remaining organizers.  Some of the earlier years had several hundred people while the waning years saw a decline in attendance although it never dropped below 75 if my memory is correct.

WAVE CLOUD:  As well as being the last year, 2004 also had stormy weather including the passage of a front that produced a remarkable wave cloud formation that passed over during the day.  That night was witness to a lightning display.

For whatever reason there are not many accounts, memories, or photos of this event found on the Internet.   This page is my attempt at preserving the memory of this star party in some form or another.  It's my way of saying:  "Yes, it did happen."  Some of the images are scans of prints and represent the party from 1999 to 2004.


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