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Panorama from All Sky Camera
              Courtesy of Missouri Skies (Dan Bush)
Panorama View Compiled from the All Sky Camera Image at Upper Left

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August 2012
Leonid Fireball 2012
Geminid Meteor Shower 2012

About the Missouri Skies "All Sky" Cameras:

These cameras are a part of an amateur scientific project that I am doing to continuously monitor and record the day and night skies above Missouri for weather phenomena, aurora, meteors, fireballs, bolides, satellites, and other transient terrestrial and astronomical phenomena.  The camera's exact location is given below.  These cameras are highly sensitive video cameras mounted to the top of my observatory. and my home.  I can have up to 7 different cameras monitoring the skies at the same time.  The analog video feed from these cameras is transferred into my home through a wire and then converted to digital on a computer for recording to storage media and Internet.  Both of the main cameras are oriented the same and utilize the same focal length make/model of lens.  All observations, video, and images of bright fireballs are reported to the American Meteor Society.

To visualize what is being represented in the cameras one can just imagine that you are lying down on the ground looking up at the sky with your feet pointing South.  This web page is designed to refresh itself every minute although the image itself may not refresh that often.  Sometimes the images will not update or be left blank for a minute or two until the next refresh.  This is caused by upload frequency.

Missouri Skies All Sky Cameras (Data)

Please make sure to notice the time/date stamps to make sure it is a recent view.  Camera views are updated about every 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes the cameras may be down for many reasons (electrical, administrator errors, fog, ice, etc).  There are a lot of connections and things that have to work correctly in order for me to get these views to the Internet.  If there is a problem then the last good image will be left in place.  If there is hail or other severe weather in the forecast then you may see an image like the one below with the hail guard in place:

A view of the All
              Sky Camera Structure showing the tower, platform, and dew
              prevention device.
The top of the All
              Sky Camera Platform.
The All Sky Camera  #1 tower as seen from below.  The tube coming from the observatory pipes warm air to the camera preventing dew from forming on the dome.
A view of the top of the tower for the All Sky Camera #1.  The outlet for the dew prevention device can be seen on the left.  The Hail guard is in the foreground and is not deployed.
View of the All Sky
              Camera on the House #2
Closeup of the All
              Sky Camera #2
Here is the All Sky Camera #2 mounted on the roof of my home.  This setup can house any camera that will fit inside the tube.  I currently exchange a Watec 902H2 and an Orion Deep Sky Color camera in the tube depending on my desired results.  I can mount any number of lenses on these cameras.  The camera and lenses can be quickly exchanged and adjusted from inside the house.   Here is a closeup of the All Sky Camera #2 looking south.  The dome is a thick acrylic plastic which is mounted with silicone to a regular 3" closet flange.  Everything is easily removable for cleaning or replacement.  I am currently working on a frost and dew removal system for this mount.  
Here are some interesting images from the archive that show some noteworthy events:

A Perseid meteor comes into the atmosphere.
 The improvised hail guard in place.

Some notable sky activity imaged with the All Sky Camera.


Click on the meteor image above to see the YouTube Video of this event.

Click the Image above to view the Geminid Meteor Recap Video on YouTube

Below are some noted events that have been captured.

Robin on the all
                sky camera
Long Track Meteor
Eclipse Meteor
Bright Meteor

During construction of the main tower the camera sat on the ground.
Here is a night visitor that came to see what was going on.

This page dedicated in memory of Jerry Chab

All Sky Image courtesy of Jerry Chab
                    (Falls City, Nebraska)

Jerry Chab lived in Falls City, Nebraska and owned and operated an Orion All Sky Camera.  He passed away on August 6, 2013.  Although we never met in person, Jerry and I developed a friendship over the years as he and I were avid amateur astronomers and often corresponded through e-mail about the stuff that we were seeing in the skies above the Midwest.  Jerry was a Nebraska State Highway Patrolmen and left behind a wife and two sons. He died at his home.

Jerry and I operated an "All Sky Camera" network from our homes. This small network of two cameras monitored the skies 24 hours a day for meteors, aurora, satellites, storms, and other phenomena. Our cameras were 70 miles apart but often recorded the same satellites and meteors due to the fact that they are so high up. We had great fun sharing images and reporting our findings.

I knew something wasn't right when Jerry's camera stopped updating on August 6, 2013 which is the day that he died. Posted above is Jerry's last picture still in place just as it looked that day.

Rest in peace, Jerry. Clear Skies.

Rainbow at Elam Bend

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