Missouri Skies Observatory
First Light:  Fall 2000

Constructed by Dan Bush, John Bush, Norma Bush, and Dan Woody

• Main Instrument: .5 meter (20") Dobsonian Reflector Telescope
  • Main Instrument:  .5 meter (20-Inch) Obsession Dobsonian Reflector
  • Latitude:     4014'54.73" North
  • Longitude:  9419'11.19" West
  • Altitude: 910 feet - 277.4 meters (Camera 9 feet above ground.)
  • Google Map Locator: Link to google maps HERE
  • YouTube Eclipse Video Showing the Observatory in Action HERE

All Sky Camera "Live View" from the Observatory Roof


 Construction Pictures

Framing Completed

Foundation Completed
Walls Completed

Roof and Rails Completed

Roof in Stowed Position for the first time.
Fully Operative with Orion 16" Orion DSE Dobsonian

The roof is raised and lowered with this boat winch.
The Big Dipper above the Observatory
Aerial View of the observatory.

Observatory Gallery